Support for a better future

This is what the JCI Youth Hub could look like

With your help, we would like to build an educational facility to re-open access to education for youth and young adults in the region devastated by the earthquake. The “JCI Youth Hub” is intended to be a meeting place and learning center for young people seeking to extend their network and further their education. Such a place to meet and exchange ideas is lacking since the earthquake has destroyed livelihoods and businesses. The “JCI Youth Hub” will be built in container style and will be operated by JCI Türkiye.

We are convinced that education is key to improving the quality of life and to fighting poverty and injustice. Every single one of our contributions will help to reach this goal.

We welcome any contribution. Together, we can make a difference and change the lives of so many.

Always on the move

Our project team aims to respond quickly and effectively to local needs. Therefore, we are in close contact with the local helpers in order to be able to best understand the needs and concerns of the people we support.

Thanks to our close cooperation we are flexible to react to unforeseen events and find solutions quickly.

Our goal is to create sustainable support with a positive long-term impact. By working closely with the locals, we can ensure that our project is tailored to their needs and wishes.

Support the construction of the JCI Youth Hub now

The costs of the JCI Youth Hub amount to a total of 125,000 euros. We have divided this amount into 100 symbolic building blocks, so-called “bricks.”

You can purchase bricks worth 1,250 euros each. Every brick counts!